We Have A Race

August 20, 2013 | Infographic | No Comments

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Sometimes it is fun to have nice things. Pitchers in the NL, those are nice things.

Patrick Corbin, Adam Wainwright, Jose Fernandez, {cough} AJ Burnett {cough} have had truly great seasons. In a normal year, these pitchers (they of around/under 3.00 FIP) would have CY Young aspirations. Unfortunately, it is not in the cards. This year is about two pitchers. Matt Harvey and Clayton Kershaw.

One leads the league in ERA. The other leads it in FIP. One leads in WAR. Oh, wait, so does the other one. What? Silly WAR.

We created this infographic to show how ridiculously close their stats have been this year. Also, to provide chum for Brian Kenny and Joe Sheehan. A cheap, but hopefully effective, tactic to get them to engage each other further. Nobody likes a solidified SABR message. Consensus is a four letter word in the ESPN era. Let’s see some blood guys. Get to it. Let me know if you need more stats to get this done.

For those of you interested, the stats were taken from the following sources (also noted at the bottom of the graphic): Fangraphs, Baseball-Reference, ESPN, and Baseball-Prospectus. Rankings and stats were based off qualified starters on Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference. A minimum of 120IP on Baseball-Prospectus.

The hitter/pitcher park factor was determined using the 2013 ESPN MLB Park Factors. Top 5 parks were categorized as hitter friendly. Bottom 5 parks were categorized as pitcher friendly. A good amount of argument could be had regarding the use of only one year of data for this metric. Feel free to have it. The point is made regardless. Harvey and Kershaw both pitch in friendly pitcher parks. Kershaw pitches in a friendly park division. Harvey has had the pleasure of avoiding Coors.

The top/bottom hitting teams were based on team OBP. If you have a better stat to use for that, let us know. We will be updating the graphic after a round of starts by each pitcher. No reason not to make some changes. Shoot us a message on twitter (@rooftopreport) and we will give it a run. We went with it because we used OPP OBP as one of the other stats. We aren’t tied to anything though.

At the time of graphic completion (through games on 8/18):

Pitcher Friendly

1. Coors (Colorado)
2. Rogers (Toronto)
3. Wrigley (Chicago)
4. Great American (Cincinnati)
5. Minute Maid (Houston)

Hitter Friendly

26. PNC (Pittsburgh)
27. Citi (New York)
28. Dodger (Los Angeles)
29. Petco (San Diego)
30. AT&T (San Francisco)

Top Hitting

1. Boston Red Sox
2. Detroit Tigers
3. St. Louis Cardinals
4. Los Angeles Angels
5. Tampa Bay Rays

Bottom Hitting

26. Chicago White Sox
27. Philadelphia Phillies
28. Chicago Cubs
29. Houston Astros
30. Miami Marlins

Now, if you will allow it, we are going to go continue to spend a creepy amount of time trying to determine Brian Kenny and Joe Sheehan’s respective heights.